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Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot, a dormant volcano, rising to 2,776 meters above sea level, is located near Lake Naivasha and only 100kms from Nairobi city.

Longonot, as it is known, is a ruggedly scenic sight especially so for those who undertake the climb upto the rim or peak of this mountain, and who can enjoy the stunning views for miles around the mountain. The climb takes anything from 1 to 3 hours depending on one's fitness levels.

The mountain, which has a vast, deep crater in it's middle, was created during the formation of the Great Rift Valley. The sides of the mountain have deep gulleys, making the trek up even more scenic as well as challenging ! One may come across wild buffalo and baboons, not to mention other wildlife, so it is recommended to take along a KWS warden at a small fee and by prior arrangement.
You may contact us for a trip to Longonot or a tailored safari in Kenya. See more on Africa National Parks.

Brief History of Mount Longonot National Park
The name Longonot is derived from the Masai word Oloonong'ot meaning mountains of many spurs or steep ridges. Longonot park covers 52 km2 most of it being occupied by Mt. Longonot a young volcano rising to 2,776 meters above sea level. The sides of the mountain have beautiful V-shaped valleys and ridges. The stony soils have little vegetation but the crater has an impenetrable forest.

Like Hell's Gate, Mount Longonot offers a wide range of attractions for visitors keen on activity holidays, including hiking, rock climbing, biking as well as bird and wildlife viewing. Kenyan Wildlife Service rangers are available as guides. Accomodation within these Parks is limited: Hell's Gate has three campsites, Longonot has no accomodation within the park; however, the fabulous range of nearby hotels, lodges, luxury ranch and homestays around Lake Naivasha provide ample accomodation for all budgets.
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