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Below are several pictures of Kenya and East Africa, with captions below each image. These
kenya pictures cover the wildlife, people and locations of Kenya, a premier safari location.

You can also book a Safari on this site as well as view a list of kenya hotels and see a map of Kenya.
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Image of lizard Lodge in Masai Mara
A female Cheetah in Masai Mara looking for prey -shoor
The Kenyan road inside the parks is often earth roads - shoor
Nature can be colourful ! A mon. lizard at a safari lodge-shoor
View from a serena lodge overlooking the african plains
Zebra 'posing' at Hell's Gate National park-shoor
A beautiful moth - shoor
The Maasai in Kenya
Giraffe and Zebra in Kenya
A Lion resting - burak shoor
A wild buffalo grazing-shoor
Elephants grazing near a lodge
Children at an African vilage in Kenya-shoor
A shoor safaris tour van
A view of tsavo road-shoor
A luxury tented camp-serena
photo of a national park in kenya
A giraffe grazing
Beach in Watamu, Kenya-turtle bay beach club
A pack of Zebras
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