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Aberdare National Park:
The 70 km long Aberdare Range is a narrow massif stretching from north to south with its southern end just 80 km north of Nairobi. The moorlands comprise undulating hills, bogs, clear mountain streams, numerous waterfalls and magnificent views occuring between the highest peaks of the Aberdare mountain range: Oldonyo Lesatima [ 4001m ] to the north and Kinangop [ 3906 ] to the south. The park is known for its torrential waterfalls plunging from cloud shrouded heights to spray filled ravines. The Aberdare has over 2000 elephant that roam the clouded hills and misty glades, the elusive rare Bongo, black rhino, Cape buffalo plus various other animals. There are over 290 bird species recorded in the Aberdare.
Fact File on Aberdare National Park:
 Area : 767 sq km Altitude: 1,829 - 4,001m above sea level.
 Access from Nairobi : Road : 180kms
 Location : In the Rift Valley Province, North West of
 Animals : Elephants, rhino, Cape buffalo, baboon, leopard, spotted hyena.
 Vegetation : Bamboo and mountane woodlands (mountain vegetation)
 Birds : Over 290 species of birds
 Facilities : Several lodges and campsites.
 Attractions: Beautiful wild moorlands, spectacular waterfalls and a variety of wildlife
 Climate: Cool and misty with year round rains.
Safaris in Aberdare:
Male Lion
2 Day Aberdare Safari
Aberdare is a highland forest park known for its montane vegetation, scenic views, game and waterfalls. Spend a night at the Aberdare Country Club nestling on the slopes of Mweiga Hill, just a three hour drive from Nairobi. The club's wildlife sanctuary abounds with thompson and grant's Gazelle, zebra, giraffe and leopard.

Click here for more information on the 2 Day Aberdare Safari.
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