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Shoor Safaris is the tradename of Shoor Africa, a Tour operator and travel group, with offices in Kenya. Although the Safari company originally began 24 years ago, our parent company was founded earlier in 1969 in Nakuru town, Kenya. Thanks to our loyal clients, we are still going strong after a 2017 restructuring and relaunch under a new corporate organisation structure, Shoor Africa Ltd, as we now adapt to modern online travel trends

Our wealth of experience, obsession for quality, as well as customer service, ensures that travelers from the world over trust us to provide them with memorable experiences in East Africa.

Here are a few reasons why clients choose us as their preferred Safari Company in Kenya.

Why Shoor Safaris ?

Quality & Assurance:

Shoor Safaris has a well earned reputation for Quality and Dependability. From humble beginnings, close to 24 years ago, our story started small, serving a variety of local and expatriate travelers as well as Missionaries based in Nakuru town, in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. With time, our company grew in reputation and presence, expanding to Nairobi where we successfully started offering our services to overseas Travelers and Safari enthusiasts keen to enjoy Kenya's great wilderness and it's magnificent wildlife. This growth was built entirely on a ''Word of Mouth'' reputation - most of it before the advent of the Internet media where companies sometimes built a reputation only via digital marketing.

Quality & Assurance
Quality & Assurance

We've Been Around

Yes we have ! 24 years now in operation, (founded 1996) we believe a company that has been around this long is a sign of a sound organisation. We have survived ups and downs that frequently affect the Tourism industry, everything from local to global economic recessions, local events, industry upheavals and more. The fact that we are still around in what is a fragile industry, is important for you as a Tourist travelling to Africa with us - you want a rock solid Safari Operator behind your trip with decades of experience, know-how and a time tested network at its disposal.

We've Been Around

On Site Offices:

Our local presence in Kenya ensures effective ground handling and superior customer service, both being the key to a good Safari in East Africa. With logistics bases in Nairobi and Mombasa, as well as a liaision office in Nakuru, we ensure a higher level of service delivery to our clients in any potential situations that may arise during their travels with us.

On Site Offices

Our People & Local Knowledge

Three of our Four Founder-Directors are born, brought up and live in Kenya, while our Managing Director has worked in Kenya for the last 45 years. Quite simply, we know East Africa, a fact that goes a long way in ensuring the success of our service.

Our Driver-Guides and Support staff are highly trained professionals, hand picked to ensure the best possible experience for our clientelle.

Our People & Local Knowledge

We take it Personally

Above all else, we are renowned for our personalized service. When travelling in Africa, the level of care and service from your Safari Outfitter makes all the difference.

The minute you arrive in Kenya, your satisfaction becomes our responsibility.

It's all Personal

Better Value

Book direct with us and benefit from Great Prices & Value. We operate our own tours and are not agents saving you the 'middleman commision'. Note though that we do Not base our Safaris on the 'lowest price' denominator, as this often means 'cheap and nasty' when it comes to the overall experience.

Therefore even our lowest priced tours ensure minimum standards and focus on great Value

Better Value


A list of recent Press and Publication mentions to our credit.



One of the more acclaimed guidebooks on Kenya, in line with the Eyewitness Guide's highly illustrated format. Comments on Page 404 of the book refer to our company as one of the local Kenyan tour operators that are established and reliable:

You may purchase the book via Amazon or:

Footprint Guide - KENYA HANDBOOK


Comments on Page 102 about Shoor Safaris: " Excellent , well established tour operator, offering a variety of Safaris, all of which can be customized. Also offer a full hotel-booking service in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar"

You may purchase the book via Amazon


shoor travel reviews


This guide offers a colourful overview of East Africa's rich variety of large animals along with information on their habits and habitats. The book also provides an excellent introduction to the region's less heralded variety of smaller creatures including 1,500 bird species and butterflies. - See more at: http://www.bradtguides.com/east-african-wildlife-pb.html#sthash.9sXeIid2.dpuf.



One of our Company Directors, Mr S.Shoor, is featured in the acclaimed Travel Africa magazine, Edition 47 Summer 2009, under the section "Safari People".

Big Cat Book


2013: One of our long standing clients, Mr Suha Derbent, a famous Professional Wildlife photographer who visits East Africa regularly, has launched a beautiful book of his best "Big Cat"photos taken during our safaris. http://www.suhaderbent.com/

KATO bonded operator <



K . Hansen - Group of 18 tourists - Denmark

Thank you very much for a lovely trip and all your very good work with the arrangement.It has been a pleasure communicating with you from the start. To always receive the information we have asked for and also very quick. The planning about seeWing the Wilderbeast Migration crossing the Mara River has been very good and we have seen everything. Thanks for the wine in Naivasha.We finally reached Copenhagen (had a lot of delay and rebooking in Brussels).

african believer's church

One of our early Mission Clients

berea college

Another one of early Mission Clients

A brief list of excerpts from Client Comments over the years

P. GRIFFIN - USA - Jan 2018
''Amazing vacation with Shoor Africa Safaris despite the difficult start when we missed our connecting flight from Frankfurt. Thanks to everyone who helped accommodate the last minute changes and even managed to deliver my lost luggage to me in Naivasha. You are all stars !

H. PATEL - INDIA - December 2017

''Amazing Safari especially the time we spent in Ngorongoro and northern Kenya will stay with me forever...I am already editing some of my many many images and will send you a few which you can use on your site as well ''

Y. ZHAO - CHINA - September 2017
We just got back to Shangai and will send you a detailed feedback in a few days but for now thank you for the great holiday you designed for me and my wife. We appreciate your good service and thoughtful planning. Asante ! [ we were learing some swahili words thanks to Chris !]

R. BARNES - USA - July 2017
Note to Peter - we deeply appreciate your service and enthusiastic attention to all the details of our trip across your beautiful country. I have already recommended yourself and Shoor Safaris to some of my friends who plan on coming to East Africa next year. Keep it up.

J. MOON - SOUTH KOREA - Jan 2017
Hello to Shoor Kenya,
Me and my husband wish to thank you and our Driver Sam from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful trip to Masai Mara. We will remember you and Kenya for a long time.

R . HERNANDEZ - USA - September 2016
Hi Sanjay,
Thank you for your email requesting our feedback. What can I say - what a wonderful vacation for all of us. As soon as we got on the plane from Nairobi we were missing the beautiful landscapes of Kenya. We will be back in 2 years time for sure !

David Evans - UK - April 2016
Hi Josephine,
Kathy and I would like to compliment you and the group at Shoor for making our African trip a truly memorable one. I've got tons of photos from all the game drives and even more memories. Thanks.

Aditi Sharma - India - Jan 2016
We all had a superb time in Kenya thanks to the Shoor Safaris team and their effort in ensuring our trip is perfectly planned, even down to our various diets for the entire family including strict Indian vegetarian and two of us on Vegan diets. The lodges were all high quality properties. Asante !
Just a quick email to let you and the team at Shoor know that we had a superb time in Kenya & Tanzania. Pass our regards to John as well for his hard work in helping us spot all those animals !

K. WHEELER - USA - August 2015
Hi Sanjay,
Just a quick email to let you and the team at Shoor know that we had a superb time in Kenya & Tanzania. Pass our regards to John as well for his hard work in helping us spot all those animals !

P .EVANS - UK - Feb 2015
Hi Fiona,
We're back now to our cold weather : ) Must say a huge Thanks you to you all at Shoor for organising such a fantastic trip for us. Will send you photos to forward to Joseph..already planning our next trip - what more can I say - Bye !

A .SCHWARTZ - USA - Jan 2015
Hi Fiona,
Thankyou for requesting our feedback. Sorry for not being able to reply earlier. The tour went very well and we both had a fabulous time. I have completed the feedback form in detail. Some of the roads could have been better but that's part of travlleing in Kenya I guess and obviously beyond anyone but the Government's control. We'll be in touch for a trip to Tanzania probably summer 2017.

D .WHITMORE - UK - Dec 2014
Hi Sanjay,
Just a quick note to let you know we had a super Safari in the Mara - would have infact loved to extend it by a few days hadn't I had to get back to work on the 4th. Give my best to Francis and the balloon was out of this world. Definately worth it. Rgds, Daniel.

G .CORDES - Germany - Jan 2013
Hi Josephine,
A few days off - time for the feedback! When I decided to book via Internet I had my doubts whether all will work out. In retrospect I have to say that there was absolutely no reason to worry. The whole organisation of the journey was very well managed, all meeting points worked out, everybody was there in time. We always had the impression that somebody was working on the next thing to happen - we liked that !

G .CORDES - Germany - Jan 2013
Hi Josephine,
A few days off - time for the feedback! When I decided to book via Internet I had my doubts whether all will work out. In retrospect I have to say that there was absolutely no reason to worry. The whole organisation of the journey was very well managed, all meeting points worked out, everybody was there in time. We always had the impression that somebody was working on the next thing to happen - we liked that !

S Lambert - Australia - 2012
Hi Rachel , THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! I was so fortunate to book through you for my safaris to Samburu and Masai mara on my recent trip to Kenya. My driver to Samburu, Jessie, was amazing, we drove from Nairobi so were together in the vehicle for most of the day and he was really great - he had knowledge of every area we went through and was very caring. I thoroughly enjoyed going out on game drives and saw lots of animals, as well as understanding more of the landscape.

Gerrit . M - Germany - February 2011
Hi Ashmira. I am now back in our cold country Germany. The tour was very good and all the participants are very happy. Thankyou very much for your organisation and the nice present !!!!
Best Regards, Gerrit [ Travel Agent from Germany ] Group of 11 guests on a safari and golf tour.

Mrs K Lynn - USA - 2010
Thankyou for following up with us on our safari - I must say it was a fabulous trip, in every way surpassing my already high expectations. As you know, travelling to Africa has been a dream of mine and I desparately wanted it all to go well which is why I choose your company, but I was still feeling nervous that something might not go as per plan, after all we would be on a long 2 week safari afterall..but barring very minor issues, it was a beautiful experience I will cherish the rest of my life. Thanks for all the planning and arrangements , and also pass my best to our driver Paul who took such good care of us throughout the trip.
And the minor issues ?? Well, just the time it took to get to some of the parks because of the poor state of the roads, so next time I'd probably take a flight to some of the parks and have Paul receive us there..and I wasnt too happy with the Hilton hotel especially compared to the Holiday Inn at the same price [almost] but this was just for the night anyway and these are like I said minor issues. I must say the lodges and all the other accommodation however was marvelous ! Especially loved the Larsens Camp in Samburu at the end of our safari.
Thanks again for all the work Mary - we'll be back to Kenya for sure !

Kallol Banerjee - Calcutta, India - December 2009
Dear Ashmira, Thanks for your email. Our trip was superb...magical...much beyond what I really expected ! It would not have been so without the contribution of all of you -- Mary, you and Sanjay. Your efforts in making our trip a "once in a lifetime" kind of experience went beyond the call of duty. Truly, we could not have asked for more. Please also thank Peter [ driver guide] on our behalf and wish him and his family a wonderful 2009 !

Nick Mitchley - UK - 2009
Just to let you know that our safari was very nice. Our driver guide was very knowledgeable and helpful. The journey to the Mara was somewhat unplesant due to the state of the roads ! Hopefully they will improve. I will contact Shoor again should we do another trip.

Mr and Mrs Woodsford - UK - October 2008
Just to repeat the big Thank You that we left with your manager on our last day in Kenya. All the safari arrangements went very well and we had a most memorable time.

Mr P Davis - USA - August 2008
Ashmira, I just wanted to drop a line to express all our thanks for the smooth and efficient way you organised our trip. The slight hiccup when the Air Kenya flight from Mara was delayed was dealt with very efficiently and with minimum fuss. With hindsight we should have tried to get out of the airport on the final day between the transfer from Mombasa and the flight out which was not until midnight. Fortunately we had access to the lounge so it was ok. Say our thanks to Peter as well !

Miss C . Stewart - USA - January 2008
We had an incredible experience on safari. My uncle who has been on numerous safaris thorughout Africa said it was the best lion viewing he had ever seen. We were very lucky ! We had a tremendous time with the Mara Simba lodge and the best part of our safari was Paul our driver. He was very easy to be around and very knowledgeable. We have already recommended your company to some of my family who may be travelling to Kenya in the fall - thanks again !

Peter Wilcock - UK - Nov 07
Planning went well. The safari was great and everything worked out well, even with a sick vehicle on one day, which Peter sorted out without any inconvenience - it was part of the adventure. All lodges were good. The balloon ride was magical. Mombassa Serena Beach was an excellent hotel with service higher than anywhere I have seen in the world. Everyone talked to you and welcomed you. Nairobi was unfortunately the anti climax - our suggestion to do two days here, but would have preferred an extra two days in Mombassa. Never mind. Overall and excellent and memorable trip - thoroughly recommend your assistance and Peter's to make it a memorable trip.Will definitely talk to you about arranging another trip - perhaps Serengeti and Mombassa in about two years time.
Thanks. Peter Wilcock

Paolo Montagna - Spain - Oct 07
The safari tour was great, we really enjoyed the Masai Mara and especially the company of Harrison. He is a perfect guide with great knowledge of the places we visited and the animal behaviours. We will definitely suggest the Shoor Travel agency to our friends.
Best wishes, Paolo

Bangyun Yoo - HongKong - Oct 07
I , Bangyun Yoo, have just returned Seoul from Yohanesburg after my trip with my wife.During my Africa trip, I enjoyed my best pleasure from Oct. 5th to Oct. 7th on Masai Mara game drive.It was completely by your good arrangement and cooperation, especially by your very nice guider(driver) Mr. Alfred. My trip became much better by his good guide. Now I expect I will come to Kenya for Masai Mara and Ambosseli Safari and etc. with my family children together in near future, and then I want to have also another your arrangement.Further, I want to recommend your company to many my friends who want to have Africa Safari tour.Thanking you again your good company and you and Mr. Alfred, and Wishing to have another opportunity later,
Regards. Bangyunyoo

Amey Atre - Dubai - Oct 07
It will be very difficult to express in words but I can just say the trip has been fantastic! I am very pleased with the whole trip organization and especially Putta, he is very sharp, skilled, excellent driver and a good human being!Special thanks to you and your team, Only one suggestion – Amoboseli Sopa lodge was bit far away from the park! But rest was just fantastic.
Cheers, Amey

James Burns - UK - Sep 07
Just returned from my trip. I was going to email you anyway to say I had a great time. The Serena Lodge was excellent and in a great location. Managed to see a big river crossing but in spite of extra drives didn't really much of the cats which was a bit disappointing.
Anyway thanks for all your help and if I am going that way again I will contact you. James.

Huerta, Edward - U.S.A - Aug 07
Chris and I enjoyed our safari. We had a great experience and will pass on a lot of positive feedback to future customers. The only negative piece of feedback would be the method in which weprocessed our credit cards. One of us had our credit card compromised and was used fraudulently
Eddie Huerta

Masha Brown - U.S.A - July 07
The Safari was fantastic, and Joseph is absolutely wonderful. we are very happy and had a great time.

Eric Raleigh - UK - 2007
I would like to thank everyone at Shoor for a wonderful safari. My brother and I had a fantastic time. Harry was a great driver--very knowledgable, very friendly, always on time. We couldn't have asked for a better driver.
Thanks again.

Brock J. Tonn - U.S.A - 2007
Thanks so much for your email. Thank you as well, for taking our call from the Wilson airport. Without seeing anyone, of course, I became worried we would miss our connecting flight. But your driver was there after we spoke, and quickly shuttled us to the international airport. It was nice to know you were available!
As well--the short safari was amazing. The camps selected were definitely worth the money we paid. I know that we had a bunch of trouble confirming Tortilis for only one night, and that led to many emails from me to Kristeen (I am sure she is happy she is done with us). But it was worth it. I will definitely use Shoor again if we come to Kenya, which I hope will be soon.
Thank you again, Ashmira.

Jayesh and Amita Patel - U.S.A - 2007
Sorry it took us a while to reply, but we were getting used to our jet lag and also preparing one of our daughters' for college. As per our trip to Kenya with Shoor--it was one of our best experiences. You organised our trip very well--our accomodations were very nice and the itenary was great. Best of all, Peter was a great driver and guide. We got a lot of information/knowledge from Peter. Our daughters came for the first time to Kenya and they had such a wonderful time that they are planning on coming again in the future. We would definitely be recommeding Shoor to anyone who wants to visit Kenya.
Suggestion: It would have been less stressful if we had received the copies of the vouchers for the hotels indicating that we were safely booked. Having said that, once we met Peter at the airport, we knew everything will be fine. (It was the worry of the unknown). You are welcome to give our e-mail address for references. Please thank Sanjay for us too
Regards,Jayesh and Amita

Detweiler, James - U.S.A - Aug 07
The Shoor Travel Safari experience is one I will remember for a long time to come. The hotel ccommodations were top-notch, the people were extremely polite and helpful and the safari itself was incredible. Thank you so much for setting up such a great adventure for my friends and I. It was well worth it!!!
Only suggestion I would have is to have a guide-book of some sort that you can hand out to us that would explain each location we are going to and the parks we'll be visiting. That's a great souvenir to take back and a great way to remember the names of all the places we visited.
Thank you again for a phenomenal experience. I will recommend your company to all my friends and family!!!

Nicola Wilson - UK - July 2006
Thank you, yes we have all returned home safely.
I was going to email to say how impressed I was with Shoor Travel. Everything was so smooth, from the airport pick up to the whole safari. We were all so impressed with Harrison our guide. He was such a great person and really made our trip memorable.
Could you please pass our thanks onto Harrison. He really made the trip brilliant!!!! I will definately recommend the company to others. My Mum & Dad also thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks so much.

Mai Jul Christiansen - U.S.A - Jul 07
Thank you for your e-mail We had a wonderful safari. Everything was amazing and the hotel was fabulous.Our guide Magana was the best guide ever. So nice and helpful, and he definately made the trip so much better. Thank you both for a fantastic service and we will definately recommend you to others.Kindest Regards, Mai & Nina

Tim & Tara - Saudi Arabia - 2001
Thank you for arranging a lovely wedding for us. The whole programme was planned very well. Keep up the good work, Shoor Travel ! This trip to Kenya will never be forgotten.

Barbara Collins - London, U.K - 2003
Thanks for handling my booking so well.

World Gospel Mission - 1997
The staff at Shoor Travel have been very friendly and efficient in planning all our travel needs and safaris.

Mike McCall - Netherlands - 2004
The service has been first class and the staff very friendly.

Miss Ryan Corcoran - London, U.K - 2002
Thank you for a wonderful itinerary and great service.

Michelin Tyres [ Kenya ] Ltd. - 2001
Thank you for the excellent service provided to us on all our travel arrangements

Garth Slabbert - Johannesburg, South Africa - 1998
Very good and friendly service.

Mr. Santino Blumetti - London, U.K - 1998
I have been given excellent response from the time I started enquiring about my safari to Kenya. Very efficient and professional. Keep up the good work !

Pommesfrittes - United States of America -2000
A very memorable trip to Kenya. Bookings handled with utmost care.

Miss Shelly Brulotte - Unites States of America - 2000
Thank you for the good service given to me for all the enquiries. Very nice office and efficient staff.