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Places of Interest

Apart from the richest collection of wildlife teeming in it’s game parks, Kenya is also known for its many other diverse attractions: the dazzling white beaches, the scenic landscapes, lush green highlands, exotic lakes and towering mountains dorminating part of Kenya's magnificent blue skyline, which make ideal holiday spots for tourists.
Beaches in Kenya
Kenya has a long coastline of beautiful white beaches with perfect all year climate and excellent accommodation facilities. Mombasa is the biggest city at the coast, and has a history dating back to the 12th Century, along with a vibrant local culture. Established beach hotels are located to the north and south of Mombasa, known as the North and South Coast. Lamu and Malindi are smaller tourist towns north of Mombasa with their own unique attractions...More
Lakes in Kenya
Lake Turkana Lake Turkana:  
Another Rift Valley Lake, located in Northern Kenya, this 320km long lake is the most dramatic of Africa’s lakes. Commonly referred to as the jade sea, due to its electric blue-green colour, the lake is surrounded by a spectacular landscape of dry desert and hills. Due to it’s remoteness, Lake Turkana has no lodge accommodation and is only included in camping safaris. A location strictly for the adventurous tourists.
Lake Naivasha Lake Naivasha
At over six thousand feet, the highest of the Rift Valley lakes is one of the most popular activity based lakes, known for fishing and boating. There are no crocodiles and only a few hippo. Also renowned for it’s numerous bird species such as marabou storks, doves, fish eagles and is also home to a protcted population of hippos. The lake is only an hour’s drive from Nairobi and neighbours the extinct volcano, Mount Longonot.
Lake Nakuru Lake Nakuru:
Lake Nakuru, situated on the floor of the rift valley within a beautiful park of light acacia forest, is world heritage site famous for its over one million plus pink flamingo population, is also an ornithologists heaven with over 450 plus bird species. It is one of the easiest parks to visit and boasts of a wide variety of wildlife species which include the leopard, waterbuck, impala, eland, Rothschild's giraffe, black rhino, zebra, ostrich. The park is also reknown for its very large pythons.
Lake Baringo Lake Baringo:
Surrounded by a scenic rugged semi-desert landscape, Lake Baringo is a freshwater lake located on the floor of the Rift Valley and is a classic experience of timeless Africa. The Lake is another birdwatcher’s paradise with over 450 bird species spotted and is home to a population of crocodiles and hippos. Activities at the lake include fishing, water-skiing, surfing and nature boat rides.
Lake Bogoria Lake Bogoria:
Lake Bogoria is a sliver of saline water entrenched beneath towering hills some 60km north of Nakuru. The lake's primary attraction is a series of furiously erupting hotsprings which are simply breathtaking whilst a mirage of pink flamingoes tint the lakes shores. The area surrounding the lake also hosts a wide variety of birdlife such as fish eagles, pelicans, avocets, steppe eagles and game which include buffaloes, hyenas, dik-dik, warthog in addition to other wildlife species
Lake Magadi Lake Magadi:
Lake Magadi, lying in a rift valley depression some 1000m below Nairobi, is a vast shallow pool of soda, which basically is a sludge of alkaline water - crystal trona deposits and is the world's second largest source of sodium carbonate. Lyingin one of the countrys hottest regions, Lake Magadi is fascinationg to walk across and boasts of a wealth of birdlife including large numbers of flamingoes.
Lake Victoria Lake Victoria
At 68,000, the world’s third largest lake, shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, is actually more a sea than a lake. The prime location for arid angless, the lake lies only a few hours from Masai Mara and is located in the Western part of Kenya, habitated by the Luo tribe, the fishing community of Kenya. Fishing or sightseeing trips can be arranged for Lake Victoria. For more information on Lake Victoria, the various fishing options and rates, please feel free to contact us.
Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya(5199m, 17,060ft)
Although located on the equator, Mount Kenya has it’s higher slopes permanently covered in snow and ice. Held sacred by the Kikuyu tribe, this stunning mountain also provides for several climbing trips, using various routes, some ideal for amateurs, others challenging for professional mountaineers. The park surrounding the mountain has a varied collection of wildlife and due to the diverse afro alpine vegetation, is of botanical interest. There are several lodges and hotels around Mt. Kenya.
Mount Longonot
Mount Longonot(2776m, 9105ft)
Longonot's name comes from the Maasai oloonong'ot, which means 'mountain of man spurs'. Thrusting straight out of the rift valley floor, the cone on the mountain is composed of very soft volcanic deposits that have eroded into deep gulches and narrow ridges. The now extinct volcano is home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife, and is fairly easy to climb. Many hikers prefer to walk around the crater rim. The mountain is truly a suberb place to visit with hot springs and steam seep through vents in the solidified lava plus several hotels around.
Mount Elgon
Mount Elgon(4300m 14,100ft)
Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano which straddles the Kenya-Uganda border with a sumit thats just over 4200m above sea level. The mountain whose name comes from the maasai
Ol Doinyo Ilgoon
meaning 'Breast Mountain', is often hidden in clouds and has a jagged, much eroded crater with flat-topped peaks that crop up like stumpy fingers of an upturned hand. Part of the east side of the mountain is enclosed within the confines of Mount Elgon National Park, and the area is free for hikers and campers.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro(5895m)
Mt Kilimanjaro Africa’s highest mountain, is simply an unforgettable sight to look at, and one which you will never forget. The majestic snow capped peak dominates everything in sight, and it provides for a once in a lifetime experience. Set at the foot of the mountain is the Amboseli National Park, which in turn hosts an abundance of rich wildlife.See: Climbing trips to Mount Kilimanjaro
Interested in mountain climbing ? Please see our mountains page for the various climbing routes and treks offered
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