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Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge : [ Amboseli National Park ]
Spread out on a two hundred acre estate on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and located between Kimana and Amboseli, Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge offers some of the most unusual features and facilities to be found at any safari destination in Kenya. A massive mazera stone tiled swimming pool, a sauna bath, a mini-golf course. Add an audio visual centre, a choice of three spectacular bars, extensive gardens, numerous water features, micro-lire aircraft and one of the longest private bush tarmac airstrips in Kenya This are but some of the features one can expect to find at Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge. Couple this with the exquisite cuisine, surreal and luxurious cottage accommodation some with private fireplaces and nightly entertainment under the soft lighting of a rotunda-style bar and you will have discovered the answer to your safari dream.

Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lounge

Kilimanjaro Buffalo Pool
  Within the Amboseli National Park
  Luxurious cottage style accommodation offered
  Class of the Hotel



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