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Mountain Climbing
Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekkers
Both Mount Kenya (5199m) and Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) provide for excellent climbing packages ranging from one day trips to 7 day treks upto the peaks. Although most packages do not require climbing experience, a reasonable degree of fitness is necessary. Accommodation along the way is in comfortable log cabins and tents at higher altitudes. Vegetation ranges from dense forest, bamboo jungle to high altitude hagenia trees.
Mt. Kenya ( 5199m, 17,058ft)  
Mt. Kenya Mount Kenya is becoming increasingly popular with mountaineers from all over the world. Mount Kenya is among the world’s largest free-standing volcanic mountains and Africa’s second largest mountain. Mount Kenya, an old extinct volcano, has three peaks: Batian, Lenana and Nelion. Batian is the highest. This fascinating mountain, situated on the equator, is always endowed with snow capped peaks, making it exciting and challenging for both casual hikers and serious mountaineers. So vast is the Mountain that it’s not hard to understand why the Kikuyu held it sacred, why their houses are built with the doors facing the peak. It’s the seat of Ghai, the Kikuyu God. Mt Kenya’s highest peaks Batian, and Nelion ,can only be reached by Mountaineers
with technical skills. However, Point Lenana, the third highest peak can be reached by trekkers and this is the usual goal for most people. Shoor Safaris arranges complete porter services along the climb with tents pitched at every overnight stop.
Mount Kenya Climbing Trips
Stt M01 - 1 Day Foot Safari Rates
Stt M02 - 3 Day Foot safari Rates
Stt M03 - 4 Day Foot safari Rates
Stt M04 - 5 Day Sirimon / Chogoria Route Rates
Stt M05 - 7 Day Timau / Chogoria Trek Rates
Mount Kenya Routes:
Naro Moru : This is the most popular and straightforward route. The starting point here is the is the village of Naro Moro for    climbing Mount Kenya. This route is quite spectacular and a very enjoyable trail.
Sirimon: This is the least used route, but the driest and one of the most scenic. It is also the longest approach to the Peak. A    minimum of four days should be taken for this trek.
Chogoria : This route, from the eastern side of the mountain is the most beautiful of the access routes to the summit and    certainly one of the easiest. This is a good route if you have got extensive trekking experience.
Timau: This route is not often used by the climbers and is much harder to follow as well.
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On the Naro Moru route, the bunkhouses are at the Meteorological station ( better known as Met Station) and Teleki Lodge      (called Mackinder’s camp). On the Sirimon route, the bunkhouses are at Old Moses Camp and Shipton’s camp. On the    Chogoria route, there are 12 comfortable bandas at the Meru Mount Kenya Lodge, near the park gate.
Mt. Kilimanjaro ( 5895m, 19,340ft)   
Mt. Kilimanjaro The majestic, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa dominates the landscape of the East African savannah. It beckons every trekker and mountaineer to rise to the challenge of scaling its lofty, towering summits that consist of three extinct volcanoes: Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. This stunningly majestic mountain captures the imagination of everyone who sees it. Whilst reasonable fitness is required, the schedule, trails and accommodation are designed to allow visitors to acclimatize easily.
Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Trip: (Stt MK10 – 7 day climb)
Day 1- On arrival you are met in Moshi( Tanzania) and transferred to base hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. Trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro
Day 2 -Transfer to Marangu Gate where you begin to climb. Climb through lush rainforests teeming with bird and animal life including the Colobus monkey. You then proceed to Mandara Hut, where you stay overnight. A 3-4 hours walk to Mandara hut which is at 2743 meters.
Day 3 From Mandara, the trail crosses alpine meadows and thinly vegetated moorlands to Horombo Hut at 4167 meters, where you stay overnight. A 5-6 hours walk.
Day 4 Continue your climb to Kibo Hut (5173 meters)at the foot of Kibo peak, further on to the saddle between the peak of Kibo and Mawenzi, and then across the high altitude desert for an overnight stay at Kibo Hut. A 5-6 hours walk.
Day 5 The final challenge up steep, loose slopes starts at about 1am (0100 hours), reaching Gillman’s Point at dawn. The trek continues along the crater rim at Gillman’s Peak to Uhuru Peak ( 5895 meters) – ‘ The Peak of Africa’, giving magnificent views over the vast plains below, before you return to Horombo Hut for your overnight stay. A 6-7 hours walk.
Day 6 Complete the descent via Mandara Hut to Marangu Gate and transfer to Moshi Town and overnight at your base hotel.
Day 7 From Moshi, depart for Arusha.....End of tour
Please contact us for rates
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Mt. Longonot (2776m, 9105ft)
Mount Longonot is the highest of the Rift Valley volcanoes at 2776m
(9108ft). Mt.Longonot is the most accessible, easiest to climb and certainly the most dominant feature of the landscape as you enter the Rift Valley. The walk up to the crater’s rim takes about four hours, and although very narrow, it is possible to walk around the entire rim. View from top of the mountain is magnificent.
Mt. Longonot - Rift Valley Province
Stt M21 – 1 day Longonot Trek

Depart from Nairobi for Hell’s gate National Park early in the morning. Reach Hell’s Gate and start the climb up the mountain. The climb will take about two hours. It is extremely popular as a training circuit before climbing the other two Mountains, Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Many people enjoy doing this, as it is not very difficult and does not require any special equipment. The view from the top is amazing, and one can see the great Rift Valley for miles around .A picnic lunch is often taken once you reach the top. After lunch, and a short rest you can choose to go around the crater’s rim, which will take another two hours. If not, then you can choose to come down at a slow leisurely pace and enjoy the unique fauna and vegetation, coupled with the unmatched view.
A definite recommendation!

Information on Climbing: 
Guides – Professional guides accompany the climbing safaris and provide excellent service, including cooking of meals
Health & Fitness – Any form of mountain climbing requires an acceptable level of fitness. Before attempting these climbing    expeditions please consult your doctor and have a physical check-up. In case you are unfit, a one month training programme    prior to the climbing is recommended.
Climbing Seasons – The best seasons for climbing are middle December to end of March and from middle of June to end of    September.
Equipment & Clothing – Provision of any personal climbing equipment is not included for in the rates, and may be hired    directly by the client from the base hotel. Clothing ought to be warm, light and preferably weather proof.
Caution – Mountain climbing in any form is dangerous, and adequate safety precautions are necessary. If you are vulnerable    to high altitude sickness, even after acclimatization, you are advised to opt for shorter, low altitude climbing trips.
Self service options - Self catering packages are available – please contact us for details on these.
We offer reliable, well maintained and proven range of vehicles for hire, at competitive prices. Vehicles range from small saloon vehicles to buses and four wheel drives, on self drive and chauffer driven. Contact us for your needs!
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Itineraries - Mount Kenya:
1 Day Trip – Mt. Kenya :
This safari is tailored for those who are interested in seeing the vegetation, animal and bird life. This safari departs from the lodge at 0800 hrs for the drive on the Naro Moru Route ( 10000 ft). Stop at about 12,000 ft for lunch and continue the walk to the ridge at 13,500 ft, from where you will have an excellent view of the main peaks. A quick descent and back to the lodge for dinner.
3 Day Foot Safari – Mt. Kenya :
Day 1 – In the afternoon, you will be driven to the Naro Moru track, to the Met. Station, where you shall spend the night in comfortable log cabins, a good day for acclimatization as you shall be sleeping at an altitude of 10,000ft. A short hike is taken in the afternoon for acclimatization.
Day 2 – Walk up to the Teleki Valley to Mackinders Camp, where you will get the spectacular view of the main peaks. Walking time will be approx.4-6 hours. Overnight at Teleki Valley, which is at 14,000 ft.
Day 3–
An early morning start to reach the summit in time for a clear view of the majestic scenery. After climbing Point Lenana we return to the base camp and then proceed down the mountain to the lodge.
4 Day Foot Safari – Mt. Kenya :
Day 1 – In the afternoon, you will be driven to the Naro Moru track, to the Met. Station, where you shall spend the night in comfortable log cabins, a good day for acclimatization as you shall be sleeping at an altitude of 10,000ft. A short hike is taken in the afternoon for acclimatization.
Day 2 – Walk up to the Teleki Valley to Mackinders Camp, where you will get spectacular view of the peaks. Overnight at Teleki Valley at 14,000 ft.
Day 3– An early morning start to reach the summit. After climbing Point Lenana, return to Mackinders Camp. Overnight at Mackinders Camp at 14,200 ft.
Day 4 –
Make a leisurely descent down the mountain to the lodge.
5 Day Sirimon / Chogoria Route – Mt. Kenya :
Day 1 – You will be driven to the Sirimon Gate and then to the roadhead at 11,000 ft. overnight at Judmaier Camp. The night is spent in high altitude mountain tents.
Day 2 – After breakfast, ascend the Sirimon Track to Liki North Valley and spend the night in this valley at 13,000 ft.
Day 3 – Climb out of the North Valley and into the Mackinder valley, the broadest valley on the mountain. Camp at Mackinder Valley at 14,000 ft.
Day 4 – Start the final climb to the third highest peak, Point Lenana at 16,355 ft. Enjoy the stunning views form this peak. Then descend to the Teleki Valley to Mackinders camp for a rest. Overnight at Teleki Valley.
Day 5 –
Descend to Met. Station on the Naro Moru route and back to the lodge.
7 Day Timau / Chogoria Trek – Mt. Kenya :  
Day 1 – In the afternoon, you will be driven to the Timau roadhead where the trekking to Mt. Kenya begins. Overnight in Timau in high altitude mountain tents.
Day 2 –
You shall be hiking across the moorland with its unique flora and possibly seeing some wildlife like zebra or eland. Camp near the Western Marania River.
Day 3 –
Continue your trek over the moorland to camp at the headquarters of the Kathita East drainage.
Day 4 –
Walk up to the spectacular Hall Tarns where the rock formation called The Temple stands guard over Lake Michaelson 100 vertical feet below.
Day 5 –
Descend to Lake Michaelson and enjoy the scenic view. A trekkers paradise!
Day 6 –
An early start for the final climb to Point Lenana at 16,355 ft. descend to Mackinders camp on the Naro Moru Track.
Day 7 – Descend the mountain via Naro Moru Route completing a fine circuit of Mt.Kenya.
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