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Wildlife in Kenya:
Please refer to our new page on What animals you can see during a Kenya Safari where we have a comprehensive list of wildlife and animals you can spot in Kenya.

 List of some of the wildlife found in Kenya:
  Lion   Roan Antelope   Common Duiker
  Leopard   Sable Antelope   Kirkís Dik-Dik
  Cheetah   Oryx  
  Serval   Fringe-Eared Oryx
  Large - spotted genet   Beisa Oryx   African Elephant
  Banded mongoose   Common Waterbuck   Wildebeest
  Wild dog   Defassa Waterbuck   Black Rhinoceros
  Caracal   Common Wildebeest   Rock Hyrax
  African civet   Hartebeest   Hippopotamus
  Black-backed jackal   Topi   Cape Buffalo
  Common jackal   Common Eland   Masai Giraffe
  Bat - eared fox   Greater Kudu   Reticulated Giraffe
  Spotted hyena   Lesser Kudu   Rothschildís Giraffe
  Striped hyena   Bongo   Common Zebra
  Aardwolf   Sitatunga   Warthog
    Bushbuck   Giant Forest Hog
Thompsonís Gazelle   Aardvark
  Common baboon   Grantís Gazelle   Cape Clawless Otter
  Vervet monkey   Gerenuk   Spotted-Necked Otter
  Sykes monkey   Impala   Scrub Hare
  Black colobus monkey   Bohor   Unstriped Ground Squirrel
  White colobus monkey   Reedbuck   Bush Squirrel
  Bushbaby   Mountain Reedbuck   Coast Squirrel
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