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Zanzibar - Bluebay hotel

Zanzibar Island

Just off the Tanzania coast, Zanzibar Island boasts miles of golden beaches and is a superb holiday destination. Known as the Spice Islands, Zanzibar has a rich past and a relaxed swahili atmosphere making it a rewarding travel location.

Stone Town, the capital of the main island, is also a uniquely attractive location, steeped in history and known for it's swahili atmosphere. The islands are also excellent locations for diving, snorkeling and fishing.

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Zanzibar Travel Guide
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Zanzibar Holidays
See below some selected Zanzibar beach holidays at quality hotels. Our tour packages may be customized so you can choose a different hotel, duration of stay or activities - just contact us and we will give you a great holiday option.
Zanzibar beach holiday - bluebay
7 day Spice Islands

An enchanting one week beach holiday on the main Unguja island, combining a 2 night stay in fascinating Stone Town and a 4 night stay in a beach hotel along the beautiful east coast beaches. Itinerary
Karafuu Beach Hotel Sea view
5 day Swahili Magic

A shorter tour of Zanzibar which includes one night in Stone Town and 3 nights beach vacation along the east coast of Zanzibar in a beautiful award winning hotel. Itinerary
Bluebay Beach Hotel Pool
12 day Experience Zanzibar

Experience the beauty, culture and peoples of Zanzibar with this relaxing vacation package which includes stays in Stone Town, a "spice tour " and several nights along the beaches, all at beautiful luxury hotels , with all transfers included. Itinerary
Serena inn hotel

There are several well acclaimed , quality hotels in the Zanzibar archipelago, to include Unguja, the main island, and it's beaches in the north and east, Stone Town and Pemba Island.

See our detailed Zanzibar Hotels section.
Fundu Lagoon hotel - Pemba Island
Pemba Island

Probably the most laid back place in the whole of East Africa - quieter than Zanzibar , not surprising, as it is less well known but in every way a very rewarding place to visit. Just 50 kms from Zanzibar, Pemba is greener and more hilly than it's famous neighbour.

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Things to See and Do
Stone Town
Quite simply a fascinating place to see and experience - this capital of the island has a long history, rich swahili culture and architecture, and a relaxed, even slow, pace of life.
See more on Stone Town.
Activities in Zanzibar include diving, boating and fishing

Activities in Zanzibar :

Diving The islands are known for some of the best diving sites in the world, thanks to the rich marine life and clear waters. Zanzibar has several dive companies which offer PADI courses and certification.

Fishing There are several great fishing spots around Zanzibar, the best is probably the Pemba channel.

Spice Tours These are tours in and around Stone town and take in the spice plantations, historic and cultural spots around the town -

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