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Facts and Information About Kenya

Kenya is located in East Africa and is a leading travel destination in the world, due to its scenery, magnificent wildlife and plesant year round climate. Safaris actually
first started off in Kenya.

You may see below some basic facts about Kenya
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National Parks & Reserves
Most of Kenya’s wildlife is contained and protected in vast National Parks and Game Reserves, in a natural, undisturbed state.
The most important of these parks and reserves have been briefly described below.
View of Aberdare National park-shoor
This highland forest park created in 1950, is known for its montane vegetation, scenic views, waterfalls and the rare Bongo in addition to other wildlife such as Elephant, Leopard and Buffalo. Accommodation is in elevated mountain lodges which are built near watering holes or saltlicks to allow sighting of animals. The typically highland weather is known for its unpredictability and is generally quite cool.
Quick facts:  Area: 770 sq. kms Alt: 1825-3995m
Special Feautures:
Montane vegetation and scenic views
Elephants Cooling Off - Amboseli National Park
Famous for the stunning scenery, with the 19,450 feet Mount Kilimanjaro dominating the view, this park, located on the Kenya -Tanzania border, is also known for its wildlife, especially the prolific elephant herds. The vegetation is varied but dominated by savannah which allows for viewing of the plains game, ranging from lions, leopards and giraffe.
Quick facts:  Area: 3810 sq. kms Alt: 1150m Special Feautures: Offers views of Mount Kilimanjaro, clouds permitting + prolific Elephant population
Evening sunset at Lake Bogoria-shoor
Lake Bogoria National Reserve is one of the little visited parks in Kenya. Its attractions include its bird population (over 1.0 million) in addition to hot springs & geysers. The park is surrounded by dramatic, semi arid landscapes. Wildlife is limited in terms of variety and though you will be able to see the greater kudu, thompsons gazelle, zebra and other herbivores, the Big Cats or most of ther big Nine are not present in this park.
Quick facts:  Area: 107 sq.kms Alt: 1000-1600m Special Feautures: Furiously erupting hot springs
Giraffe - Chyulu Hills National Park
This park is joined to the north western part of Tsavo West National Park. Here there is a beautiful rolling ridge of volcano dating back four to five centuries and mountains which are great for cave exploration and trekking. The park is also home to the worlds longest lava tube and to a variety of animal life including giraffes, elephants, lions, monkeys, buffalo and crocodiles at Umanyi Springs. It also hosts a rich variety of birdlife.
Quick facts:  Area: 471 sq. kms Alt: 2250-2440m Special Feautures: Beautiful rolling volcanic ridge
Mountain Vegetation - Mount Elgon National Park
Located on the slopes of Mount Elgon (4300m), Mount Elgon National Park is an area of unspoiled mountain forest with a wide variety of game from the elephant, buffalo and colobus monkey to the giant forest hog, water buck and leopard. The area is also an ornithologists haven owing to the over 240 bird species to be located there. Other areas of interest include the four explorable caves (Ngwarisha, Makinyen, Kitum and Chepnyalil). Kitum extends 656ft into the mountain located near the Kenya border.
Quick facts:  Area: 169 sq. kms Alt: 3000-4000m Special Feautures: Unspoiled mountain forest
The adventurous view of Hells Gate National Park-shoor
Surrounded by looming cliffs, the Hells Gate National Park is home to a wide variety of birds & animal species and is one of only 3 parks in Kenya where walking is allowed. Within the park you can see the zebra, thompsons gazelle, baboon and even at times the cheetah and leopard. The park, home to more than 300 bird species is an ideal for an exciting and adventurous foot safari.
Quick facts:  Area: 68.5sq. kms Alt: 2777m Special Feautures: Gorge lined with towering red cliffs
View of Lake Nakuru - a World Heritage Site-shoor
One of the most scenic parks in Kenya and East Africa, this bird and rhino sanctuary is home to a wide range of animals including lion, leopard, buffalo, giraffe, waterbuck and rhino, the only notable exception being the elephant. The park is also a bird watcher’s paradise, with 400 known species having being spotted here.Vegetation ranges from savannah to various indigenous forests. A world heritage site, Lake Nakuru is most famous for its million-plus grand pink flamingo population.
Quick facts:  Area: 188 sq.kms Alt: 1750-2075m
Special Feautures: World Heritage site for 1m plus flamingoes
Sea Turtle - Malindi and Watamu Marine Parks
This two parks are located in an area established in 1979 and declared a "biosphere" : one of the four biospheres in Kenya. Located 199km from Mombasa city and on the Malindi-Watamu coastline, the parks have hundreads of fish species including huge groupers and rock cod with other varieties not yet identified. In Watamu Marine Park there is a coral reef that lies about 2km offshore. To get here you may hire a glass bottomed boat which allows you to see part of the reef. The parks have numerous categories of fauna and flora and three main types of coral.
Quick facts:  Area: 199km (123mi.) from Mombasa Special Feautures: Hundreds of fish species, coral reef
Leopard - Marsabit National Park
Marsabit National Park and Reserve is situated south of Nairobi and is home to a wide variety of wildlife species such as the lion, leopard, big tusk elephants, cheetah, rhino, buffalo and other game species. It was also home to the famous Ahmed - a big tusker and his replacement Mohammed whose tusks were estimated to weigh 45kg each. The area is wild and dense owing to the thick forest cover and has two idylically beautiful crater lakes. Travel to this park is strictly for adventurous tourists.
Quick facts:  Area: 360sq. kms Alt: 1000-1500m Special Feautures: Game variety including the elephant
Elephants- Masai Mara Game Reserve
Probably the most famous wildlife reserve in the Kenya and the world, the "Mara", as it is popularly known, is the best place to see a range of game, from the big cats to the grazers and river game.The Mara also hosts the spectacular and primal wildebeest migration, which occurs annually as the wildebeest and other animals migrate south across the Mara River. Vegetation is dominated by savannah with isolated forests.
Quick facts:  Area: 1800sq. kms Alt: 1500-2200m Special Feautures: The world famous wildebeest migration
Giraffe - Meru National Park
Lying North East of Mount Kenya, this park is known for its remote location and is therefore less frequented by tourists. Although generally semi-arid, several streams flowing off the mountain have led to the proliferation of rich forests and marshes which sustain the usual wildlife in addition to several species best spotted here, such as the Gerenuk and Lesser Kudu.
Quick facts:  Area: 870 sq. kms Alt: 1035-3040m Special Feautures: Rich forests and several game species
Antelopes in Nairobi National Park
Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, the park offers spotting of Lions, Leopard, Rhino and other plains game with the exception of Elephant.Vegetation is primarily savannah with isolated stretches of riverine forests. Several hundred species of birds can also be spotted here. This park is excellent for a day visit from Nairobi. No accommodation/lodges available inside the park
Quick facts:  Area: 117 sq. kms Alt: 1530-1760m Special Feautures: Lions, leopard, rhino & bird species
Buffalo in the Bush - Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
The name of this park established in 1967, Ol Donyo, means 'mountain of the buffalo'. It is situated 85km north of Nairobi and has an excellent and clear view of Nairobi and other lowlands. Wildlife species that can be spotted here include buffalo, colobus monkeys, baboons, bushbuck, impala and dukier. The area also boasts of abudant birdlife.
Quick facts:  Area: 207sq. kms Alt: 5000 -7000ft Special Feautures: Excellent view of Nairobi & lowlands
Crowned Crane - Saiwa Swamp
This is a small park on the northern side of Kitale Town, home to the 'sitatunga' antelope. During recent years, there has been a depletion of the parks exotic and hardwood trees. But now, the locals are becoming more involved in the protection of the park, which has now begun to florish again. Wildife species to be found here include the blue, vervet and de brazza's monkeys, black and white colobus, crowned crane and over 370 species of birds.
Quick facts:  Area: 8 sq. kms Alt: 1880m Special Feautures: Blue, vervet and de brazza's monkeys
An African village scene-shoor
Located in the homeland of the nomadic and colorful Samburu people, this semi-arid region is a popular stop for game watchers. Home to unique local species of giraffe and zebra, the reserve is also famous for leopard, river game, including crocodiles and hippos as well as the usual plains wildlife.The reserve offers scenic panoramic views of the vast rugged, Kenya landscape for which Africa is famous.
Quick facts:  Area: 165 sq. kms Alt: 800-1220m Special Feautures: Leopard, river game and hippos
Girrafes on Trek - Shaba National Reserve
Established in 1968 at Isiolo and Neighbouring Samburu Reserve, Shaba is smaller with a greater occurrence of riverine forests with acacia trees, doum palms and a dramatic landscape. Although Shaba is greener than Samburu, it offers a lower frequency of game spotting than Samburu of species such as giraffes, zebras and plains game.
Quick facts:  Area: 240 sq. kms Alt: 500-700m Special Feautures: Dramatic landscape, riverine forest
Warthog - Shimba Hills National Reserve
A scenic park located just inland from the coast, South of Mombasa. The closeness of this park to the beaches of Mombasa makes it an ideal excursion for beach holiday makers who can experience the excitement of a Kenya Safari. The wildlife includes Elephant, Waterbuck, Antelope and Warthog. The big cats and other plains game can be spotted here.Vegetation ranges from savannah to coastal rain forest.
Quick facts:  Area: 192 sq. kms Alt: 120-450m Special Feautures: Wide variety of animal species
Hippos - Sibiloi National Park
Sibiloi Park is located on the north eastern side of Lake Turkana and is close to the Ethiopian border. The park, one of the most remote and managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, is within an arid region on the eastern shores of Lake Turkana. The central island has a crocodile population of over 12,000 and is commonly refered to as having the largest crocodile population in the world. It also hosts hippos. The area is known to be one of the places in the world to have unlocked man's early origins.
Quick facts:  Area: 1570sq. kms Alt: 200-1000m Special Feautures: Largest crocodile population
Kenya's wildlife is diverse and colourful-shoor
Tsavo East and West National Park
The largest park in Kenya, is known for its diverse and striking landscapes as well as its roving wildlife, especially the large animals such as Elephant, Rhino, Hippos, Eland, and Antelope. Tsavo is also known for the fierce man-eating lions of the 1900's. Vegetation is mainly arid savannah while the region is generally hot and dry most of the year.
Quick facts:  Area: 21,288 sq.kms Alt: 2250-2440m Special Feautures: Largest park, 'Big Five', good landscape
Tsavo EastTsavo West
Nairobi City
Nairobi City
The largest city in East Africa, with a population of over 1 million, Nairobi started life as a Railways depot in 1899. Today, the city skyline is dominated by modern high rise buildings, and is the headquarters of several United Nations agencies.It is a vibrant city with a mix of races and cultures and provides the visitor with several diverse sightseeing options, ranging from historic sites and museums to golf courses and posh night clubs. Please Click here for more information on Nairobi including places of interest, accomodation, climate, eating spots and a map of Nairobi City.
Tourist Attractions
Nairobi National Park. Click here for more information.
Giraffe Centre: Here the visitor can see the giraffes eye to eye and even feed them in the relaxing setting of a country house
Karen Blixen Museum: The historic house of the famous dutch woman, Karen Blixen, on whom the movie ‘Out of Africa’ was     based.
Nairobi National Park
white sandy beaches on the kenyan coast-shoor
Mombasa City
Mombasa has a long, rich history dating back over 1500 years when it started as a trading port. The Portugese explorer, Vasco Da Gama, landed here in 1498 and established a Portugese colony at the coast. Arabs from Oman later took over the city, leaving their mark on the region. Mombasa has a vibrant Swahili culture. There are a range of hotels to the north and south of Mombasa, known as the North and South coast respectively...More
Tourist Attractions
Fort Jesus: Fort Jesus is a monumental piece of architecture built in the 16th century by the Portuguese....More
Mamba Village: Situated in Nyali, The Mamba Village is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm with over 10,000 crocodiles....More
Bamburi Nature Trail: The largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa, Bamburi Nature Trail boasts of an large variety of animals    ...More
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