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Moremi Wildlife Reserve

In the centre of the Okavango Delta is the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, a 3,000 km2 paradise. Moremi is a place of lily-covered wetlands, grass plains and forests, where even at the busiest time of year you're likely to be the only spectators at even the most dramatic animal sighting.

The park has a rich and diverse eco system with minimal human intrusion, resulting in spectacular wildlife sightings. There are over 500 species of bird recorded in this area. The ideal time to visit is the local winter time, from March to September. Suggested access is by air from the town of Maun, the tourism center of Botswana.
Brief History of Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Proclaimed a wildlife reserve by the Tswana people in 1963, Moremi is undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful wilderness areas. The foresight of the local community has ensured that nature's web has flourished undisturbed, a veritable Garden of Eden offering a glimpse of the divine.

Moremi consists of a network of waterways surrounding two large islands - Chiefs Island in the Eest and Mopane Tongue in the East. The area's diverse ecosystems, riverine woodland, flood plains, wetlands and reed beds, mopane forest and dry savannah woodland are all flourishing, broken only by the occasional jeep track. This diversity of habitats provides rich pickings for an impressive variety of animals and around 550 bird species.
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