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Mount Elgon National Park:
Established in 1968 and found on the Kenya - Uganda border, Mount Elgon National Park is a beautiful area of unspoiled wet mountain forest and fantasy like afro - alphine moorlands. The park hosts over 200 elephants, buffalo, leopards, colobus and blue monkeys, water bucks, various antelope species and is an ornithologists land with 240 plus bird species. Also within this park are four explorable caves - Ngwarisha, Makinyen, Chepnyalil and Kitum which extends an amazing 200m into the mountain. Mount Elgon has a 4300m high peak(14,100ft) found in Uganda, feautures a moorland and hot springs
Brief History of Mount Elgon National Park
While ascending Mt. Elgon's enchanting slopes, you will pass through dense montane forest and mixed bamboo belts teeming with birdlife. You will then enter the fascinating heath and moorland zones containing several interesting endemic plant species such as Giant lobelia and groundsels. Wildlife enthusiasts will be pleased to spot primates such as the Black and White Colobus Monkey, Blue Monkey, and hundreds of fascinating bird species, including Golden Winged and Tacazze sunbirds, Ross's and Hartlaubs Turacos, Black and White Casqued and Crowned Hornbills, the endangered Lammergeier and the Jackson's Francolin which is found nowhere else in Uganda. If you are particularly observant you can also see buffalo, duiker, hyena or even the elusive leopard.

Visiting Mount Elgon National Park ( MENP ) presents an exciting setting for extended hikes. In addition to the interesting and unique flora and fauna, you can expect to experience magnificent waterfalls, enormous caves, scenic peaks and gorges, and hot springs which bubble up at 48'C. The best times to visit are during the drier seasons from June to August and December to March. However, even in the wetter months trekking is manageable. No technical climbing equipping or skills are required, and all major peaks are accessible to hikers.
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