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Murchison Falls National Park:
Murchison Falls National Park, with 3,840 square kilometers is Uganda's largest National Park. The park is cut in half by the Nile and its landscape varies from dense rainforest on the hilly ranges in the South-West, to undulating savannah in the North-West. The forest shelters many primate species, including Chimpanzees, while the river attracts various Antelopes, Buffalos, Rothschild-Giraffes and Elephants. These gentle giants are slowly recovering from the brutal slaughter they suffered during the civil wars, when they were used as moving targets for the army's artillery.
The prime area for game-viewing is the peninsula between the Victoria and the Albert Niles, known as the Buligi Circuit. The concentration of animals is highest in this area, and the lush patches of forest along the waterways and the conspicuous Borassus Palms, dotting the ridges and valleys in-between, add to the attraction of the park's landscape.
Brief History of Murchison Falls National Park
The world-famous Murchison Falls are a must for any visitor. The most impressive view is at the top, where the Nile forces its way through a 7 meter gap in the rocks and tumbles 40 meters down. A path leads from the parking above the falls all the way to the bottom and offers spectacular views of the foaming waters rushing into the gorge, with a deafening roar. In the background the pacified river winds its way towards Lake Albert. If you are up for it, you can take a refreshing Nile-bath in a small basin above the falls.

The major focus of interest, however, are the birds, which can be observed all around you, in the swampy reeds, the sandy beaches, or the huge trees along the water. The most conspicuous bird, however, is the Wahleheaded (or Shoebill) Stork, which, with a little luck can be seen standing unshakeably along the water's edge. Once the currents become to strong to continue, the boat turns around, offering an unusual sight of the falls, after which you start the return journey. By then the sun setting on the river seems to invite the wholeanimal kingdom to come and quench its thirst, while across the sky, the birds write an ode to the Nile.
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