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Okavango Delta

This is the largest inland delta in the world. Created when fresh flood waters flood inland, into the sandy basins of the Kalahari desert, in the central part of Botswana. The delta covers a vast 15000 square kilometers. The flooded plains result in numerous islands which form unique and diverse eco sytems, home to rich varieties of wildlife.

The countless islands that emerge from its waterways give rise to several diverse ecosystems, which in turn are home to vast numbers of game and a myriad of bird species. The crystal clear waters support many kinds of fish. The area is a birderís paradise.
Brief History of Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta on Earth. Instead of flowing into the sea, the annual flood of fresh water flows inland, spreading over 15 000km≤ of the Kalahari sand in a maze of lagoons and channels.

The delta is at its most impressive in August when the champagne-coloured water is at its deepest. Most of the animals' young are born between November and March when the vegetation is lush. The heart of the delta can be accessed only by air.Since it is an exclusive destination, it remains wild and relatively unpopulated.

Stunning birdlife can be seen here, such as Pel's fishing owl (common in some areas), African skimmer, whitebacked night heron, bat hawk, wood owl, narina trogon (summer only), carmine bee-eater colonies (especially during breeding season - late August to October when they nest communally in the steep river banks). Some of the best birding is to be enjoyed if you are lucky enough to come across a barbel run. This happens intermittently between mid-August and late October depending on the year and local flood levels.
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