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1. What Type of a Safari ?
We can offer you a variety of safaris, from luxury safaris with deluxe accomodation and internal flights to camping safaris where you sleep in tents out in the open, with only the basic amenities available. Also, you can choose to add a variety of activities into your tour, such as walking safaris, mountain climbing,or more luxury options such as golf, fishing and watersports.
2. How Do I then get a Suitable Safari:
The best thing is to ask us to tailor a safari to suit your needs. We dont charge any extra fee for this, and we simply need to know what your preferences are, how many days you have available and how much you are looking to spend. Within a day or two many clients manage to finalise their tailored itinerary with us.
3. How Long should a safari be?
Obviously the longer you are on safari the more you see at a relaxed pace of travel. However, we offer safaris ranging from 3 days to 30 days in lenght. The general rule is to allow at least 2 nights [3 days] at each safari location, though there are locations where 1 night [2 days] is practical. The minimum suggested lenght of safari in any African country is at least 7 days. A more complete trip would need at least 14 days.
4. When To Come on a Safari:
Kenya and Tanzania generally have a mild, tropical climate, with moderate changes of temperature through the year. There are no winters or summers as such for the whole of East Africa and parts of Southern Africa. There are 2 distinct rainy seasons, one from April to early June and the other from October to November. December to February are generally warm and sunny. However, due to the great climate in East Africa, visitors can enjoy a safari or beach holiday virtually all year round without the climate being a factor.
In terms of wildlife, July to October presents a good time to see the annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara in Kenya when the reserve is literally teeming with wildlife. However other times of the year yield great wildlife sighting too, not least in part because other parks and reserves do not experience fluctuations in animals numbers due to migration.
In terms of prices, the annual low season from 1st April to end of June is the cheapest time to travel !
5. Which Locations Do I choose ?
The great thing about an African Safari is that virtually all national parks offer rewarding sights to the traveller. However, there are some better than others. In Kenya, the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Samburu and Amboseli are recommended while in Tanzania the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara make for good safari locations. In Botswana, the Okavango Delta, Chobe and Morami areas are a must go for the intrepid traveller. However, those willing to go to less famous locations are equally rewarded, as these places tend to be less touristy and offer peace and quiet. Locations such as Lake Baringo and Tsavo in Kenya, Selous and Ruaha in Tanzania are such off the circuit locations which offer scenic beauty, wildlife and basic tourist facilities.
6. Private Safari or a Group Tour.
A group tour is often cheaper but then cannot be customised to your needs and does not offer the flexibility and personal freedom that one will find with a private safari. With a private safari you will enjoy a much better safari experince - you literally have the chance to really take in the sights and sounds of Africa at your own pace. You get to select your safari locations, accomodation and duration. Keep in mind also that with a private safari you can for example change your gamedrive timings, or stop along the way to take snaps, or just for a brief stop to enjoy a cold drink and admire the view-whenever you feel like -within reason ofcourse !
7. How do I choose the Hotels and Lodges:
We have a whole section dedicated to Hotels and Lodges with a description and pictures to aid you in your choice. Please click here for this section. However, we are in the best position to recommend you a safari lodge or a hotel. Our staff have been there, inspected the facilities, got invaluable client feedback and just know whats what - take advantage of our experience and local knowledge and let us suggest the right accomodation for yout trip -its that easy ! Admittedly, there are many lodges and hotels which offer equally good quality accomodation - however what we offer you depends on your budget and specific needs. There are good safari camps priced at USD 350 per person per night and there are also some good , award winning lodges priced at USD 100 per person per night. With such a range available, we try and get you into the accomodation closest to your budget while meeting your needs - quality is never on compromise and we do not offer sub standard accomodation to our clients.
8. FAQ:
Please refer to general questions ranging from clothing to power supply and more in the FAQ section.
9. How Do I Confirm my Trip and Pay:
We will be with you every step of the way as you plan your safari. As soon as you are ok with your itinerary and the cost, let us know and we will confirm the tour and send you a detailed trip itinerary. We accept payment either by credit card or by bank transfer, The procedures are simple ! We will explain these to you and will assist in every way possible. Credit card payments are not taken online as there are no safe procedures available yet in Africa. We use fax and email to authorise payments and all information is directly handled by the local card center run by the international Barclays Bank.
10. I need Help and Information:
Feel welcome in Contacting us for any information you may need and we will be happy to help !
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