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Interesting Kenya Facts

One of the more well known countries in Africa, Kenya is located in East Africa with a coastline along the Indian Ocean as well as bordering Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Kenya is actually where the concept of the modern Wildlife Safari actually started as a travel activity at the turn of the 20th century. 

Here are some fun and interesting Facts about Kenya valid for 2020. We have listed some Kenyan food and culture facts as well. You can also browse our Kenya Vacation Packages and Kenya Hotels sections
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12 Kenya Facts

Kenya is famous for many beautiful tourist destinations worth visiting and there's plenty of interest in the country.   So here is a brief list of the top 12 Kenya Facts.


1. ''Kenya'' ~ the Name :
It is held that name has roots in the Kikuyu term for Mount Kenya, ' Kirinyaga' . Mount Kenya is a snow capped mountain located right on the Equator, and was held sacred in some of the local traditional religions of the Kenyan tribal groups.
2. Wonderful Climate :
Kenya does not have proper' Winters or Summer seasons as one would experience in Europe or North America, and both these seasons are very mild and pleasant in Kenya. Infact, we exaggerate not when we say Kenya has arguably some of the best weather in the World. Pleasant most year round with two rainy seasons, and in many places even if it does rain, it all clears clears up to sunny blue skies. There is no need for air conditioners or fans, except along the humid coast where day time temperatures do hit the high 30s.

3. Diverse Geography: 
For a country smaller than large US States or for that matter India's UP state, Kenya actually boasts some seriously spectacular geographical features, including the Great Rift Valley, snow capped Mount Kenya, several smaller mountains and volcanoes, numerous Lakes, large and small, fresh water and salt water too, vibrant rivers and upto 5 different vegetation zones, ranging from the deserts in the north of the country to lush forests just a few hundred miles sough. Diversity is in abundance. A one hour flight within Kenya can fly you over 5 different vegetation zones.

4. Wildlife: Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Elephant, Rhino & more..
Kenya is home to an amazing collection of animals, literally hundreds of mammals and bird species. It is a known fact that while on a Safari in Kenya, it is possible to spot the 'Big Five' and even the 'Big Nine', numerous Bird species, and everything from Hippos in a lake to endangered Black Rhino on the savanah, all in a single Day !

Best of all ? These animals are Born Free and Live Free often in vast protected reserves spread over hudnreds of square miles. 

5. Indian Ocean & Beaches:
Kenya has a long coastline meeting the Indian Ocean. Importantly, it is also blessed with some amazingly beautiful white sand beaches, protected by coral reef [ free of sharks] as well as mostly being palm fringed. [ offering natural shade during your beach sessions].

6. Kenya's Population:
It is expected that Kenya's population by 2021 will touch close to 55 million. This puts Kenya 27th in the list of the world's most populous nations. Of this, about 28% of the population lives in Urban areas and the median age of Kenyans is about 20 years, meaning Kenya has a young population.

7. History: Former British Colony
Kenya was a British Colony from the late 1890's upto 1963, when the country attained independence under the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of Kenya, considered the founding father of the nation. Kenya adopted the parliamentary system of governance post independence.

8. Cities: Nairobi & Mombasa
Kenya has only a handful of large cities, the largest of which is Nairobi, the country's capital city. Nairobi is a pretty city, generally clean and modern, known for it's abundant greenery but also for it's large slum areas such as Kibera. It is lacking in terms of a modern public transport system, so there is no underground or overhead rail network and the roads do see a fairly high amount of traffic during peak hours. Mombasa is the main coastal and port city with a long history dating back to 900 A.D.

9. Religion:
Kenya is predominantly a Christian country, but with significant proportions of Muslim and other faiths such as Hindus living harmoniously together. There is full religious freedom in Kenya and most people by and large actively practice their religion with most Churches seeing a well attended weekly Sunday service. Kenya is home to some beautiful churces, temples and mosques.

10. Sport: Long Distance Runners & the Safari Rally Motor Race
The world is accustomed to seeing Kenyan athletes regularly win major marathons and long distance races. Many of these famous runners come from a specific area of Kenya in the Northern Rift Valley region. Football is however the most popular sport, while the most famous Sport even in Kenya is the annual World Rally Championship Safari Rally, a world famous motor rallying event that is considered to be a supreme test of man and machine. This event is being held in 2020 as part of the WRC championship after a 12 year hiatus.  

11. Tribes:  
It is a common fact that Kenya has numerous tribes, including the renowned Maasai tribe, living mostly in the region surrounding Masai Mara and Amboseli near Kajiado county. Kenya has over 40 distinct tribes most with their own unique traditions and culture. The latest officially recognised tribe in Kenya as of 2017 is the Asian community.

12. Food in Kenya:
Most of the food consumed in Kenya is actually grown in the country on large scale farms. One of the staples of the local diet is Ugali, made from maize meal. In terms of cuisine, you can in fact expect to find a variety of high quality restaurants in Nairobi, and the meals even while on Safari often meets and exceeds the basic International standards applicable for 4 and 5 star hotels.  Some of the other famous local foods are;
Nyama Choma - Roasted Meat served on the bone.
Githeri - Mixture of Red Beans and Maize.
Chapati - a wheat flour flat bread usually fried on a flat plan and enjoyed on its own or with meat or vegetable stew.
Samosas - an Indian origin fried pastry containing a meat or vegetable filling.
Mokimo - a mix of mashed potatoes and green vegetables and may also include maize and beans.

Kenya & East Africa are very scenic destinations and make for a picturesque setting, thanks to the stunning landscapes,
often clear sunny conditions and the amazing wildlife.

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