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Facts & Information about Uganda

Facts about Uganda - plenty of wildlife to be seen in Uganda's national parks-shoor
Famously known as the "Pearl of Africa", courtesy of William Churchill, this smallest country in East Africa is known for its scenery. Also famous for its gorilla populations, the largest in Africa, birdlife and for its national parks and other natural attractions.

For all this however, Uganda does not match the diversity of the wildlife found in Kenya and Tanzania, and the
infrastructure is less developed.
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Uganda National Parks

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Located in the South Western part of Uganda, and covering approximately, this beautiful park once hosted herds of elephant, buffalo and other herbivores in addition to the occassional lion. However, the wildlife was decimated during the civil war ad is just currently recovering.
Kazinga Channel Launch Trip
A popular tour in this park is the boat trip up this channel whereone can spot thousands of hippos, birds and other river wildlife. You may also be lucky and spot elephant and lion.
Nature Walks
The Maramagambo forest, in the South Eastern part of the park, provides for excellent nature walks.
Kyambura Gorge
This beautiful gorge, in the Eastern corner of the park, is home to various primates and plenty of birdlife. Walking safaris can be arranged starting at the ranger post at the Gorge.
Bwindi National Park
Formerly known as the 'Impenetrable Forest', the park covers over, and is home to one of the largest surviving populations of the Mountain Gorilla, numbering about 320 individuals.

Although the site of an infamous kidnap incident involving tourists in 1999, security is now significantly improved and the park is considered by many as safe for travel. With more than 350 species of birds, including several endemic and endangered species, this park is also a ornithologist's delight.

Bwindi National park has other wildlife apart from Gorillas -(c)shoor
Forest Walks - There are some interesting walks in the area surrounding the park headquarters at Buhoma.
Muzabijiro Loop Trail : A 3 hour walk with stunning views of the Virunga volcanoes and the Rift Valley in Congo.
Waterfall Trail : A 3 hour round trip walk which takes you to a 30m waterfall on the Munyanga River.
Munyanga River Trail : This relaxed half hour trek is outside the park, although surrounding the park headquarters. For more information on the park, please contact us.
Lake Mburo National Park
This park is dominated by the 5 lakes here, the biggest being Lake Mburo. The vegetation is generally savannah with scattered bush and acacia trees. Wildlife in the park includes animals which you are unlikely to see in other Ugandan parks, such as eland, topi, roan antelope, impala and the more usual zebra, hippo and buffalo.
Murchison Falls National Park
Gorilla in a Uganda National park
Located in the Northern part of Uganda, this is the largest park in the country and is recovering well from the poaching that reduced the wildlife population of the 1960's. Wildlife ranges from few lions to much larger numbers of elephant, buffalo and hippo.

However, the Murchison Falls are a superb attraction and are said to be the biggest spectacle along the 6700km length of the Nile River.
Launch Trip
This 3 hour trip starts from Paraa and reaches the base of the falls. Daily scheduled departures are at 9am and 2pm depending on demand.
Budongo Central Forest Reserve
Located just south of Murchison Falls Park, this smaller park is a good place for birdwatching and Chimpanzee tracking.The ' Royal Nile', a stretch of the forest, is known as the best place in Uganda to see some of the 350 species of bird here.
Kidepo Valley National Park
Located in the extreme North East of Uganda, in an unstable area, this park offers some of the best scenery in Uganda and is home to animals not usually found in other Ugandan parks, such as cheetah. Other wildlife includes predators, such as lion and leopard, elephant and other herbivores such as zebra and buffalo.
The Nile - Jinja
Jinja, on the shores of Lake Victoria,is a significant but quiet town, where most tourists come to see the source of the mighty Nile River. The town is also a base for white water rafting. Other places of interest around Jinja include the beautiful Bujagali Falls, where it is also possible to camp.


The capital of Uganda, this lush green city is built on 7 hills and gives off a certain vibrance day and night. By and large, safe to walk around, visitors often find it welcoming and relaxing to be here, not least because of the friendliness of the people.
Things to do
Cultural :  A good place to visit is the Uganda Museum, although it could have more in way of exhibits. The Kasubi Tombs are also worth a visit. Constructed in 1881, the buildings contain the tombs of the kings or 'Kaballas' of the Buganda tribe.
Activities : White Water Rafting ranging from one to three day trips and longer, start from outside Jinja on the Nile, and offer varying degrees of difficulty, including class 5 rapids.
Mpanga Forest Reserve
Just approximately 40kms from Kampala, is this newly grown forest, just over 50 years old. Known for its birds, monkeys and butterflies, the reserve is a nice break for those in Kampala who may have a day or less to spare.
Mount Elgon
This park covers the mountain upto the Kenyan border and is relatively new. The mountain is an extinct volcano with diverse vegetation zones and a range of fauna and flora. A challenging mountain to trek, it is also rewarding as it is less frequented compared to Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro. Established routes are few and can still be challenging to follow due to adverse conditions even during the dry season. Best time to climb is from December to late March.
Slopes of Mount Elgon
Uganda offers a host of hotels and accomodation options. For more information on hotels in Uganda, please Contact us.
Uganda enjoys equatorial weather conditions ranging from the warmth of the lowlands to the coolness of the highlands. Certain parts of the country are fairly humid while others get higher than average rainfall, mainly during the rainy seasons. Mean emperatures are between 21c to 31c all year round. Wet seasons are March - May, October - November. There are no climate extremes such as very hot summers or very cold winters and even during the rainy season there are still some sunny intervals.
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