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Active Travel in Kenya

Kenya and Tanzania offer wondreful opportunities for adventure and non-adventure activities. Most of these can be customised in terms of duration, accommodation and content. So choose your favourite activity
and contact us and book a holiday of a life
Camping Safaris
Camping is not only exciting and very close to nature, but it is also ideal for visitors who want a low budget holiday which does not sacrifice on the superb locations that Kenya has to offer. With more than 200 campsites in well-chosen wilderness areas throughout Kenya, camping is ideal for those who enjoy the
rugged, outdoor life.
Fishing Safaris
Kenya offers some of the finest deep sea fishing in the world with a huge variety of different species close to shore.The Pemba Channel is widely known, not only as the best place to fish in Kenya but probably the best place in the whole of Africa...more
Horseback Safaris
Horseback safaris are an evocative way of going on safari and give the riders an up close and natural experience of timeless Africa. The horses are well suited to the demands of riding in undulating countryside inhabitted by wildlife, and the group is led by an accomplished guide...Contact Us
Walking Safaris
Probably the most natural way of experiencing Kenya's wildlife and its local people, walking safaris are exciting and eco-friendly. Often the safaris are based around mobile camps which move along with the safari either by vehicle or using donkeys as transport in inaccesible areas
...Contact Us
Golf Safaris
Kenya is home to 37 golf courses, most of which were made during the British Colonial Era. Shoor Safaris offers the most beautiful, challenging and suitable courses for golfing safaris across the country. It is also possible to tailor regular safaris to include rounds of golf or even stays at purpose built golf resorts in Nairobi and at the coast....Browse Golf Safaris
Cultural Tours
If you enjoy experiencing the tradition, culture, and the way of life of another people, then we can specifically tailor your safari to include such features. You may visit a Masai family living in a manyatta, or witness unique social traditions of the many different tribal cultures in the country...Contact Us
Birding Safaris
There are over 1,000 different bird species in Kenya. Prime birding locations can be found in some of the national parks. Our birding safaris / tours are designed to offer you the best of birdwatching in Kenya while ensuring you have a relaxing safari holiday where you can watch other wildlife and enjoy the beautiful holiday spots in Kenya
....Browse Birding Safaris
Balloon Safaris
Balloon safaris are a romantic and evocative way of experiencing the wilderness of East Africa, as you gracefully and silently fly over the plains teeming with herds of wild life in the early morning. Typically, a ballon safari begins between 6 am to 7 am and lasts for around 3 hours...
Browse Balloon Safaris
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