Day Trip: Hells Gate Walking Safari

kenya walking safari

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of walking in the African Bush. Apart from the rush of adrenalin from being close to potentially dangerous animals, a ‘Bush Walk’ is also the closest-to-wildlife & nature experience that one could have – indeed, in some ways it recreates an experience of pre historic humans when they coexisted with wild animals. That said, regulated and well guided walks are safe and very enjoyable – recommended for the ‘outdoors’ and ‘intrepid’ type of traveler.


- Walk or Cycle inside the Hells Gate National Park, one of the only two parks in Kenya where walking and cycling is permitted.
- Get up & close with a variety of wildlife such as the African Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Eland, Hartebeest, Gazelle, Hyena and Baboons. There are also over 100 species of birds, including the rare Lammergeyer Vultures.
- Explore the park’s unique Volcanic and Geological landscapes and rock formations, such as Fischer’s Tower and a deep River Gorge.


Our Driver-Guide will collect you from your Nairobi hotel and drive you down into the Great Rift Valley to Hells Gate National Park. Travel time approx. 2 hours.

Upon entry to the park, you have the choice of hiring a Mountain bike. Rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service [ KWS] are also available to accompany you during your walk if you so prefer at additional cost [ subject to availability].

Begin your trek and explore different parts of this relatively small park. Enjoy the park’s dramatic scenery and its interesting variety of wildlife. You have the option of planning your own trek using a map provided by us, or based on our Guide’s suggestions.

You also have a total of 6 hours in the park so need to plan accordingly.

Upon ending your walking safari back at the main Park Gate, your driver will transfer you back to Nairobi, approx two hours by road: Drop off at your place of choice within Nairobi city limits.


- The Park is often dusty , and this is fine Volcanic dust. If you are sensitive to dust, then please bring along a quality dust mask and wrap around sun glasses.

- Hells Gate is often sunny and warm. Bring along plenty of sun-block and carry extra drinks on top of the 2 liters we will be providing. Fruits and snacks are also a handy carry along.

- Wild Animals can be dangerous. Buffalos for example, are responsible for far more deaths of people in East Africa compared to Lions and Leopards combined. Hyena’s are vicious scavengers and can injure lone Lions. Therefore caution must be exercised when approaching wild animals during your trek. They have the right of way at all times, keep a safe distance, Do not ever attempt to feed any of the animals, especially Baboons, and always exercise common sense – for example, cycling through a herd of Buffalo blocking your route is probably not a smart thing to do…in the bush, they ‘’own’’ the road , so we either wait or find a way around them.

-Finally, here’s a thought – always keep in mind that it’s the animals who most want to have no contact with humans – respect that and you’ll likely be fine.


walking in hells gate kenya
Fischers Tower Hells Gate Kenya
gorge in hells gate national park
Cliffs in Hells Gate Kenya

price & dates

Group of 2 persons: USD 155 per person :
Group of 3 persons: USD 125 per person :
Group of 4 persons: USD 115 per person :
Group of 5 or 6 persons: USD 105 per person :

Price Includes :

Return Transfers from Nairobi city in a Safari Tour Van, Services of an English speaking Driver-guide, Park Entry Fees for yourselves and for the Driver-Guide, and Vehicle.

Prices Exclude:

Meals, Accommodation, Personal and Personal Effects Insurances.


Tourists have the option of booking a KWS RSuggestion:anger as a guide at a cost of USD 40: Our Driver –Guide will only take you to the park and transfer you back to Nairobi, and assist you with planning your trek and facilitating Park Entry – he will however not hike with you.

Provision of KWS guides is subject to availability.

Some of our clients prefer having our Driver-guide accompany them [at a distance] in his vehicle during their trek. This is possible and works especially well when tourists wish to trek some of the time and then have our Driver take them back to the Park exit so that they don’t have to walk all the way round the park.

To Enquire about this Safari, tell us How many you are [ Adults / Children], required Room Plan, and your Dates of Travel - we shall reply promptly, usually before 12 hours: In case of Children please state the age at the time of Travel: