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How Safe is Kenya to Travel to for a Safari ?

Kenya is a well known tourist destination with world renowned national parks and reserves offering the best game viewing and wildlife experiences that the African continent has to offer. The tourist industry is very well established and represents about 10% of the Kenyan economy, and as such the government makes security a high priority to ensure that tourists can feel safe within its borders.
The most popular safari destinations in Kenya include Masai Mara (famously known for the great wildebeest migration), Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu, Laikipia, Meru, Mount Kenya, Aberdares National Park, Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. The most popular places for a tropical beach getaway include Mombasa, Malindi, Diani, Lamu Island, Manda Island, Kilifi and Watamu.  

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Why it is Safe to visit Kenya for a Safari

Kenya is famous for many beautiful tourist destinations worth visiting; with breathtaking views, amazing wildlife, vibrant culture, and diverse flora. Here are some of the reasons why Kenya is a safe travel destination:


1. Political Stability:
Kenya, like many other democracies across the globe, periodically goes through short periods of political change mostly during the election period which happens after every 5 years. This is usually centred in urban areas and especially in Nairobi far away from the national parks and the sensational tourists areas. Despite these political changes Kenya is a democratic country and elections are general free and fair. The March 2018 peace deal between President Uhuru and the Opposition Leader Raila Odinga has eased political tensions, making Kenya politically stable. Kenya has also welcomed high-profile international dignitaries recently such as former US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis.

2. Hub for East Africa:
Kenya has recently be considered as the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport; which is the largest aviation facility and the busiest airport in East Africa, is the hub for regional flights with frequent flights Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Uganda and to many other nearby tourist hotspots. Nairobi city is also taking off as a hub for global corporations with many embassies located here as well as headquarter offices for many international organization such as the United Nations. Thus, Kenya is regarded as East Africa’s financial and communications hub and is a magnet for tourism.

3. Tightened Security at Kenya Borders: 
Nairobi has been a terrorist target in the past but so have cities such as New York, Manchester, Paris, and Istanbul. Kenya's authorities has dealt with these terror attacks and threat in as much the same way as other allies of the USA. Some of the measures that the Kenyan government has taken to address a number of issues that make the country vulnerable to terrorism include; placing Kenya's military forces at the Kenya - Somali border. Tightening security at airports and visible policing in public places like shopping malls. However, tourist criminal incidents are very rare in Kenya.

4. Kenya is a Democratic Country:
Kenya is a multi-party Democracy with a univocal Parliament which creates laws which are orchestrated by the Executive arm of the Government. Kenya also has a Constitution which is a body of Laws that govern the political system and defines the powers of the various levels and division of the government and enumerates the rights of the people. It also ensures that the elections are free and fair.

5. Secure National Parks: 
Out in the National Parks and Reserves, there are no obvious signs of increased security, but these places have not been a target at any time. As we have seen in the past, terrorists aim at population areas where the maximum impact on life and property can be made. Tourists in Kenya are therefore advised to avoid the following areas; eastern border of Kenya, Garissa county and Tana River county.

6. Kenyan Hospitality:
It is worth noting that the Kenyan people are incredibly friendly people, with friendly smiles ready to welcome you from the moment you step your foot at the airport. This is the same with the locals you meet and the people who takes care of you during your safari. Therefore, Kenya is generally safe to visit. It is important to note that no matter where you travelling, taking reasonable precautions and abiding to rules and guidelines given is your best defence.

7. Safety and Communication Centre:
Kenya Tourism Federation Safety and Communication Centre is body that was formed by private sector in tourism in Kenya to monitor the security situation in the country with particular emphasis on the tourism circuits, and receives alerts on any security incidents or concerns in the circuits. Based on the alert, the Safety and Communication centre, through its extensive communication capability which includes industry telephone contacts database, HF Radio, email and social media, circulates safety advice to tourism operators, e.g safe alternative routes. The organizations also works closely with the relevant institutions such as Tourist Police Unit, the Department of Tourism, Kenya Wildlife Service and air ambulance service providers to ensure timely response where needed, e.g. evacuation of the affected to Hospital or to safety. This organization also provides tourists planning to visit the country with useful information regarding requirements for travel to Kenya such as visa requirements, safety advise and vaccinations required.

Kenya & East Africa are very scenic destinations and make for a picturesque setting, thanks to the stunning landscapes,
often clear sunny conditions and the amazing wildlife.

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