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Meru National park - giraffes seen in the park

Meru National Park

Remote and rugged, Meru National Park is one of Kenya's little visited national parks, though this is due not to a lack of attractions but more because of the parks previous insecurity and distance from Nairobi. The park is now generally safe and free of poachers, and offers the visitor an unspoilt and diverse wildlife location.

The wildlife and vegetation are rich in diversity. The park consists of jungle, coursing rivers, verdant swamp, rolling grasslands and even gaunt termite towers - the wildlife is equally diverse with good sightings of the big Cats and most of the other animals which are the major draws of a safari tour.

Fact File on Meru National Park
 Area : 870 sq km Altitude: 366 - 914m above sea level.
 Access from Nairobi : Road : 348kms ( 7 hours )
 Location : Meru District , North East of Nairobi, Eastern Province.
 Animals : Elephants, lion, rhino, giraffe, buffalo, oryx, leopard, zebra, gazelle and more.
 Vegetation : Thorny bushland in the north, wooded grasslands in the west and open grasslands.
 Birds : Over 300 species of birds
 Accommodation Facilities : Two quality lodges, bandas and campsites.
See Leopard Rock Lodge & Elsa's Kopje
 Attractions: Utterly unspoilt and geographically diverse park with a host of game and birdlife.
 Climate: Semi arid with irregular rainfall.
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